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A Tribute to Rock Legend Meat Loaf 


The night of January 20, 2022, a legend passed in his sleep amongst loved ones and family. His name was Meat Loaf. Meat Loaf a.k.a Marvin Lee Aday, was an amazing rock star and actor through his four decades in the music and film industry. He was 74 years old.  

Meat Loaf was born September 27, 1947 in Dallas, Texas. His mother was an English teacher, and his father was a police officer. The nickname of Meat Loaf sprung from his childhood and stuck to him as his stage name to compose one of the greatest music and rock records of all time: “Bat Out of Hell”.

Coming from a very troubled childhood, Meat Loaf was bullied a lot for being overweight. But, that didn’t stop him from becoming a trained and successful Broadway star in the musical “More Than You Deserve”. That’s when he met Jim Steinman, the genius songwriter behind “Bat Out of Hell”. “Bat Out of Hell ” was actually supposed to be a post-apocalyptic Broadway  version of “Peter Pan” but then was changed to become “Bat Out of Hell ”. It sold 100 million copies worldwide  with about 14 million copies sold in the US.

Not only was Meat Loaf successful in the music business, he was also a very talented actor portraying characters in “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “Wayne’s World”, and even “Fight Club”. 

He had so much stage presence in those films that he embodied the characters in the film and made it his own. Whether he was playing the wacky biker “Eddie” in Rocky Horror or the bouncer for the club “The Gasworks’ ‘ in the film “Wayne’s World”. Meat Loaf wanted to perform and he always did with style.  

Below this obituary of the Great Meat Loaf, will be a couple of songs to memorialize the great rock star. 

Meat Loaf: Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell