Looking Back: A Reflection on the High School Experience


Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

With the end of the year just in sight and graduation drawing near, it’s time for students to reflect on the time they’ve spent in Weedsport. For most, it’s about who they have become over the years and where they’re going because of what they’ve been through, a somewhat profound thing to examine is how exactly we have changed as students and as individuals.

From the moment we walk into the Junior-Senior High School, we instantly know things are different. That much is acknowledged in the annual sixth grade moving up ceremony. We were commonly and frequently told that the high school is different than the elementary school, with different rules and new opportunities for us to explore and take our shot at. With this school year winding to a close, The Johnny Green felt that it was appropriate to speak to some seniors and staff members to see how they view the changes they have faced over their high school career.

As time goes on, things do inevitably change. Personality and mood changes amongst older students seem sensical and logical.

“Athletically, I changed sports, going from football to cross country. As a person, I became much calmer and relaxed,” says Weedsport Senior Matt Delmar.

Tom Hannig

“I just kinda mellowed out over time. I found my true passion and I’ve learned how to really roll with the punches. As both a student and a worker, I find that I’m more determined, hard-working, work-oriented, and focused than I was when I was younger.”

With all of the aforementioned changes comes responsibility, which can be a lot for some people. How students adjust to high school, the experience, and these new responsibilities can make a huge difference.

“Personally, I can say that my life has changed more than I ever thought it could have in a four-year timespan,” says Weedsport Senior Amanda Brown.

Tom Hannig

“When I started my freshman year, I was a nervous, worrisome person. I didn’t know how to handle the responsibility of all of the things that came with high school. I was discovering what my interests were and what I wanted for my future and was learning about my strengths and weaknesses. The teachers and other students at Weedsport played a big role in that; Weedsport is a lovely place to go to school and many of our students do not realize that. Throughout my high school career, there has always been a helping hand or someone willing to guide me through an uncertain time. By the encouragement of my teachers and fellow students, I have participated in many things that I may not have otherwise, like MayFest and the high school musicals, both of which are things that I now adore and will treasure forever. In the process, I have learned to balance both my daily and long-term life; I have become a more confident person and have learned to manage the many things that a young person comes across in their day-to-day life.”

As things change, some may not even notice it, but perhaps the most observant group of people to notice these changes and differences are the teachers.

“Personality-wise, kids do change for the better… for the most part at least,” says Weedsport History teacher Mr. Smith. “I think the reasons most people change for the better is that their priorities have changed and drama means a lot less, while the substance of relationships means a lot more. Unfortunately, there is a change for the bad, which happens when kids place a priority on acceptance instead of being respected. The change in mindset is just a natural part of the maturity process.”