Yah or Nah? Christmas Trees Before Thanksgiving?

Yah or Nah? Christmas Trees Before Thanksgiving?

Maddie Patchin, Staff Writer

Yah? or Nah?

Should Christmas Trees Be Up Before Or After Thanksgiving?

Yah: The Christmas spirit should be spread as soon as possible! It’s a great idea to have the tree up so if family comes on Thanksgiving, they can admire and compliment the tree. Christmas makes some people feel better about upcoming holidays and the cold weather because it gives people something to really look forward to and enjoy!

Nah: Christmas trees shouldn’t be up yet because it diminishes the holiday of Thanksgiving. The point of the holiday is to give thanks for what you already have. Christmas trees should be saved for Christmas! Having a tree won’t make the holiday come any faster so people may as well just take it one holiday at a time.

What the People Think

Yah                                                             Nah
22.56%                                                        77.44%