Yah or Nah? Should the High School Have a Spring Fling?


Maddie Patchin, Staff Writer

Yah: Many people think a spring fling is a great way to relieve stress and get pumped for the nice weather! It’s a fun way to get the high school students together for a few hours of fun where students can participate in activities they choose! Towards the end of the year there is a lot of stress on students and even the staff. This way everyone can be involved in having a stress free and laid back time. It’s good to take a break from all of that homework and studying for the next test! Some would say a high school spring fling takes away from prom, however not everyone gets to enjoy prom each year considering it’s primarily the junior’s prom.. This way everyone can have something to look forward to when spring comes along.

Nah: Some people believe hosting a spring fling is just considered a distraction during the end of the year. With all of the testing,finals, and review sessions there’s no time for another after school activity! Many students are already involved in spring sports, music programs, and many other organizations outside of school and may not be able to attend a spring fling so it would be a waste of time. On top of the numerous activities there is homework and projects to be done! Plus, with prom in the spring it would feel like there are too many activities or festivities going on in a short amount of time. If there were to be an after school activity such as a spring fling, it should be at a different time throughout the school year instead of being so close to prom time.