Weedsport’s Big Brother 1 Pre-Double Eviction Player Rankings

Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

The Double Eviction is now upon us and things are going to be excitingly different and difficult for the players in this round as a new houseguest steps into power and another person is sent packing. After Jaden used his vote nullification power from Pandora’s Box to nix Andy’s vote, the vote came out to be 2-1 in favor of evicting Noah Hickok. Only six houseguests remain in the game and one of them is poised to leave the game, so who will it be and how do the players stack up heading into the Double Eviction? Let’s check that out.


Mr. Corbin


Mr. Corbin improved from the last round by finally winning an HOH competition and gaining power. Until now, he has laid low and not drawn attention to himself and it has worked for him, so it will be interesting to see how he will utilize his HOH reign. His target seems to be Andy this round, a bold move but a good one if Mr. Corbin intends to make it to the end, but can he win the veto to ensure Andy stays there or will Andy escape eviction once again? Either scenario is entirely plausible. Mr. Corbin also created the plan using Nick’s red Power of Veto, so that’s a plus for him. Mr. Corbin seems ready to make big moves on his own without needing to puppet others this week, but are the means to execute them also in place? We aren’t sure, but we do expect Mr. Corbin to nominate Jaden and Andy and see where the cards fall from there.


Matt Delmar


Matt earns the second place spot for the second round in a row due to his game at the moment. Matt took a big hit when he was evicted in the first week, but he won his way back into the game when Nick opened Pandora’s Box and then went on to win Head of Household in the last round, which went well for him. Now that he doesn’t have power, he has quietly sat back and is letting the rest of the players trample over each other to gain power while he lays low. It’s a smart plan for Matt considering his eviction not too long ago, but he will have to step it up sooner or later. For now, Matt is safe no matter who the new HOH puts up.


Nick Blowers


Nick is still sitting pretty this round as he doesn’t appear to be a threat and is laying low. His closest ally has power and he’s set to coast into next week unscathed. Nick and Mr. Corbin hatched a plan to use Nick’s red Power of Veto from Pandora’s Box in the second round of the Double Eviction to further their games. The plan is to have Nick nominated if the veto gets used, then have Nick veto himself and nominate someone else in his place with the ultimate goal being that Mr. Corbin and Nick can make it appear as though they are targeting one another and not working together. The plan seems good and shouldn’t put Nick at risk and should only improve his Status in the game. Currently, Nick has good relationships with everyone and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Nick is safe in this next round and even if he was at risk of being nominated, he has the red Veto to keep him safe. Expect Nick to touch the block if the veto is used, but it won’t be for long.


Julianna Buchmann


Much like last round, Julianna isn’t a very active player in the game. She has good relationships, but she’s losing her allies and with Mr. Corbin in power, she should survive another round, but with the plans to take out Andy and nominate Nick if the Veto is used, she could be in danger of being nominated for eviction. Julianna might be safe if she is sitting next to Jaden, but we’re not sure. If she is sitting next to Andy during the second eviction, she’s almost certainly safe. Julianna’s biggest struggle now is going to be staying alive in the game next round no matter who goes home in this one. Expect her to be safe for the most part in this eviction, but look for her to be the target in the next round.


Andrew Sayles


Andy hasn’t played the best social game out of the contestants this season, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his name is being tossed around as a target this round. Mr. Corbin seems intent on evicting Andy, which is a smart move, but will Andy be able to pull out another clutch Veto win and save himself or will his luck run out? Only time will tell. I’d expect Andy to go home if he doesn’t win the Power of Veto this round or find safety some other way.


Jaden Spencer


Jaden gets the lowest spot because despite his efforts, the other houseguests all like him much like Matt, but he can’t seem to avoid the block, but this is through no fault of his own. Jaden will likely be nominated by Mr. Corbin as a pawn against his true target, but if Andy is removed from the block, will Jaden survive this round without his power? We’ll have to find out.


There you have it. There’s only one week left of this season and only 5 houseguests will remain in the game at the moment. Who will win Weedsport’s Big Brother 1 and who will be evicted in the Double Eviction? Stay tuned to find out!