Weedsport’s Big Brother 4: All-Stars Cast Analysis

Various Contributors, Staff Writers

In two days, Weedsport’s Big Brother 4 will start production. Having previously announced that the season was an All-Star season with an all returning player cast, anticipation is high to see who comes out on top as Weedsport’s best players duke it out to win it all.


The nine person cast includes: Nick Blowers  Cameron Chalker, Christopher Chalker, Jaden Spencer, Forrest Nguyen, Jenna Strong, Andrew Sayles,

Christina Jackson, and Matt Picciano. With an interestingly versatile mix of players, it’s time to see just how far these competitors can go in this game, but let’s analyze everyone’s individual strengths and weaknesses from their original games and their best strategy going into Weedsport’s Big Brother 4.


Nick Blowers- Winner of Big Brother 1


Nick was the first player to ever win the game, beating out Mr. Corbin in a 5-1 jury vote. During his stint on Big Brother 1, Nick played a strong social game, having alliances or at least unsaid ones with most of the competitors. Aside from his social game, Nick had three competitions wins, one HOH and two POVs. With his one HOH, Nick took out Mrs. Weston, the only other teacher in that season and with his Veto wins, Nick was able to seal Noah Hickok’s and Julianna Buchmann’s fate during their respective evictions. Nick flew under the radar and everyone saw him as their friend rather than their enemy, Nick realized that and he played it up. As with everyone on this list, Nick will likely have to change up his strategy going forward otherwise people may see through his gameplay.


Andrew Sayles- 3rd Place (Big Brother 1), 6th Place (Big Brother 3)


Andy has a leg up on everyone else because he’s already played the game twice. During his first time inside the game, he managed to win four of the season’s six Power of Veto competitions, and he used three out of these four wins he used to save himself from being evicted that round. Andy frequently found himself as the target and had to rely on competition wins to save himself from being evicted. As such, Andy had a weaker social game than most of his fellow competitors and those on this list, but he played hard enough that he didn’t really need to have a good social game because his competition wins earned him the respect of his peers and had he made it to the Final 2 with Nick or Mr. Corbin, he very well could have won the season.


Returning for his second time in Big Brother 3, Andy’s strategy was completely different as he relied more on his social game to go far in the game instead of winning competitions. This strategy only worked for a short time in the game as he was deemed an outsider of the main alliance of the season and was evicted in the third round, placing 6th.


Having been a two time jury member, this may be the time where Andy makes it to Finale Night as a member of the Final 2. It will be interesting to see just what strategy Andy goes with to avoid being targeted so quickly. Where his game will go is a toss up.


Jaden Spencer- 6th Place (Big Brother 1), Weedsport’s Favorite Houseguest (Big Brother 1)


Jaden is one of the series’ most prominent players, holding the record for most sequential times nominated with four times in a row, having arguably the greatest social game in Weedsport Big Brother history, and placing second or third in nearly every competition he played in. Jaden is a houseguest that’s hard not to love since he was the underdog, but since then, Jaden has helped out with the production of Big Brother 2 and Big Brother 3, so his understanding of the game has expanded greatly. Jaden could be the universal pawn again or turn his luck around and rise to power, regardless, expect his strategy to remain somewhat the same as his first time around.


Cameron Chalker- Winner of Big Brother 2


Cameron played the strongest strategic game of anyone who has played Weedsport’s Big Brother. He was able to control and manipulate most of the players in the game, won numerous competitions (Cam actually holds the record for the most amount of competition wins with four HOHs and three POVs), made alliances and deals for his benefit, and made big moves. With that being said, the majority of the returning players were from Big Brother 2 and already know about how heavily Cam influenced the game, so his strategy will have to change drastically. 


Matt Picciano- 3rd Place (Big Brother 2)


Matt was very under the radar and relied on his social game to go far, but he placed well in competitions, placing second or third in all but one competition (Matt won the Final 4 Power of Veto in Big Brother 2, it was his only competition win of the season). It worked for Matt in Big Brother 2 and he wasn’t deemed as a very big threat, so it seems unlikely that he will change up his strategy now. Expect Matt to fly under the radar and take a level-headed approach to the game, then shake things up later in the game.


Christina Jackson- 5th Place (Big Brother 2)


Christina played a strong strategic game and was one of the dominant competitors in Big Brother 2. Unfortunately, she was seen as a threat and evicted at the Final 5. Christina may play harder than she did in her original season or play a more low-profile game and step it up towards the end of the game.


Jenna Strong- 6th Place (Big Brother 2)


Jenna was one of the most strategically sound players in the game. She was originally planning to take out Cameron and Forrest in Week 2 of Big Brother 2, but opted not to, instead forming an alliance with them. Then during the Double Eviction, she turned on Forrest and planned to get Cameron out soon after. Her plan only fell apart when Cameron took her out first. With strong knowledge of the game, the will to win, and some broken records under her belt (Jenna was the first houseguest to ever win HOH and POV at the same time, breaking the record for fastest time completing the “King of Queens” Power of Veto competition- which was previously held by Andy, and continued the chain of females winning HOH competitions in Big Brother 2), Jenna is a force to be reckoned with, so how will her past successes and failures reflect her gameplay going into BB4? With time to reflect on the season, Jenna will likely play somewhat harder at the start and then step it up progressively as the game goes on.


Forrest Nguyen- 7th Place (Big Brother 2), Weedsport’s Favorite Houseguest (Big Brother 2)


Forrest was given the short end of the stick in Big Brother 2, his original season. Forrest was part of a four person alliance called “IQ4000”, but after flipping his vote during the double eviction HOH, Forrest became the target for eviction. After that, Forrest became the first member of the jury. Having had a lot of time since then to think over the move and how it cost him the game, Forrest will likely come into Big Brother 4 with numerous different ways in mind to get himself far, but one thing is sure: Forrest will certainly have to map out his moves to stay in the game. What will he do to make it to the end? Only time will tell.


Chris Chalker- Winner of Big Brother 3, Weedsport’s Favorite Houseguest (Big Brother 3)


Chris not only won his original season, but he won the title of Fan Favorite for his season. Strategically, Chris played a strong game as he mapped out moves as the season progressed. Socially, Chris’ game was a bit lackluster, but he made up for it with his competition wins and strategizing. Chris won two HOHs and three POVs, holding the record for second highest amount of competition wins in Weedsport Big Brother history. Chris will have to change up his gameplay style to make it far, but how far is he willing to go to make it there? We’ll have to see when Big Brother All-Stars airs this fall! Stay tuned!