Sheldon Sez…

Q. I’m thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend… How should I approach it?


    There are do’s and don’ts of breaking up.

Some of the do’s consist of: stating the problem mutually, setting boundaries (like how you should carry on after), and being completely honest without being rude.

    Some of the don’ts are: not lying about the situation to others, no name calling, don’t degrade the person, and don’t get your friends involved.

    The biggest thing about breaking up is making sure you really want to, and that it’s a big enough issue that can’t be fixed.

    Before you break up with somebody, you should prepare yourself. Think about what you’re going to say; considering the do’s and don’ts. Also, don’t break up over a text or phone call unless the situation is really bad.

    To start the breakup process you have to sit them down in a quiet place. Chances are when you begin to say “we need to talk,” they’ll probably already know you’re breaking up with them, which could make the process easier. Say what you practiced, and before you know it, it’ll all be over and you’ll feel relieved if you made the right choice. Good luck!

    – Sheldon